ALARM DISC LOCK Perfect Guard Shock Sensor

ALARM DISC LOCK Perfect Guard Shock Sensor

ALARM DISC LOCK Perfect Guard Shock Sensor


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Motorcycle Scooter Bicycle Anti-theft Disc Brake Lock Security Alarming System

Features: This is a security anti-theft lock universal for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle etc. It works by locking the disc brake, which helps to stop the movement of vehicles and keep the safety of the vehicle. It is simple and convenient to operate. Just click the lock cylinder, it will be locked. It supports the warning alert function. There will be alarm sounds if the lock is shocked by someone. Made of premium metal, it is durable, waterproof, and not easy to rust. It comes with a small spanner and three keys, so it is very economical. Specifications:
Material: Metal Color: Red, Black, Blue, Yellow(optional) Lock Size: 89 x 60 x 31mm/3.5'' x 2.36'' x 1.22'' Package Weight: approx. 335g/11.8oz Instructions:
Press the key cylinder to lock with a ''beep'' sound, and then it puts on alert in 10 seconds accompany with a vibration and three ''beep'' sound. If the lock is shocked, another shake after 5 seconds will cause alarm, and hereafter continuous vibration can bring continuous alarm. No shake occurs within 10 seconds after the alarm, it will be on alert again. Battery Replacement: When replacing the battery, first unscrew the screws at the bottom of the lock, then remove the cover to replace the battery.


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